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Foreclosure Forms & Info

Below are the forms needed for foreclosure counseling at the HPC.  If you have not contacted the HPC,  please call 978-970-0600 x 1 to discuss your situation before downloading any forms. 

New Client Forms

This is a single document containing all of the forms listed below, available in either a word document or pdf.

   new client forms

Workshop Checklist

Before we meet with you, this is a list of documents that you will need to have ready.
  workshop checklist

Media Release Form

This optional form gives the HPC permission to use your information for reporting and promotional purposes.  We will still notify you if we plan to give out your information.
  media release form

HPC Authorization Form

This mandatory form authorizes us to report certain data about your history and financial situation to the local, state and federal agencies that help fund our program.
   HPC authorization form

Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Agreement

This mandatory agreement outlines the responsibilites for both the HPC and client.
   foreclosure mitigation counseling agreement

Credit Report Authorization

The HPC generally does not run a credit report on our clients. This mandatory form provides authorization should we need to run your credit report.
   credit report authorization form

Client Intake Form

This mandatory form provides all data we need to begin assessing your case.  It also provides the data we need to report to the government agencies that help fund our program.

   client intake form

Monthly Budgeting Worksheets

These mandatory forms will help the counselor determine the best options for your financial situation.
 monthly budget worksheet 1
 monthly budget worksheet 2